Havening Technique works to minimize or eliminate negative emotions related to an event or experience. So Having worked with Amigdala, the emotional response system based on the Liming system of Having. Therefore, the Amigdala Depotentiation Treatment (ADT) is called.

Anxiety destroys the way that has been created and thus destroys emotional afflictions associated with stress, suffering, and experience (present and past), which leads to moderate emotions. whether it is a negative or not.

Having technique is a very effective approach to various emotional difficulties and symptoms with deep and lasting results.

This includes the following situations and symptoms:

1. Resist the relationship
2. Domestic violence
3. Do not be scared
4. I’m afraid of height
5. Eating and drinking
6. Depressed
7. Fear and other fears
8. Be afraid to drown.

If you want to be the most effective patient, emotional symptoms create emotional reactions; and the customer should identify the biggest difficulty and discomfort, identify and then remove the mood. This is the main difference between Talk Therapy and Havening Technique.

During havening therapy, clients generally experience an increase in some neuromes such as serotonin and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), and a low frequency brain signal, a delta wave, usually associated with three-step sleeping. Phase three dream is the deepest and most removable part of our dream. Havening’s successful experience can let clients feel calm, relax, calm or sleep.

The impact and consequence of the Havening model’s profile include results such as, once a specific negative emotional response (eg fault, shame) can be eliminated, it could have a direct or indirect impact while at the same time eliminating other negative experiences Negative emotions are equal or different from trauma.Another effect would be that the end of a painful event shows each other, who also acts as a client’s consent.

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