Healthy Vegetarian Diet

So you would like to become a Vegetarian? You cant wait to get started with a Healthy Vegetarian Diet? Ok, thats fine, we will show you how.
We strongly suggest though to read through everything here first. There are certain things to consider, to make the transition as easy as possible for you and enjoy your Healthy Vegetarian Diet from the beginning.

The American Dietetic Association also said regarding a Healthy Vegetarian Diet: “The diet has to be appropriately planned”.

Some of you might think that a Healthy Vegetarian Diet is boring, just carrots and salads. Well, not at all true! Actually there are more Vegetarian dishes then meat dishes.

Healthy Vegetarian Diet

You will find a great variety of new tastes that you have never had before. Give yourself some time though. It might be that your taste buds on your tong need some time to adjust.

For example: If you have hardly eating salads or vegetables, then the taste of it might be boring at the beginning.

Why? Well, you are most probably over-acidified through all the meat-eating and to many dairy products. Give yourself time, usually up to two months we would say (it might just take three weeks, like in my case “Chris”).

As your body will start to change, you will start to taste more and more how a good salad or vegetable can taste like.

To avoid any problems we suggest that you follow these guidelines and check out the links that we have included to perceive the bigger picture on how to achieve a Healthy Vegetarian Diet.

If you are eating meat more then four times per week, we suggest not to stop at once. If you are eating more meat per week, then restricting yourself immediately could cause your bodys systems to go haywire and inadvertently make you sick, which is the opposite of the effect a Healthy Vegetarian Diet should create.

A radical change in habits may also make you feel frustrated and your cravings for meat might return faster as you thought. If you are eating more meat then four times per week, start gradually.

I, Chris, stopped at once, and I was eating quite much meat at the time. I was lucky and had no problems, accept that I gained a lot of weight because I substituted my meat with cheese. And why? Well, because I did not inform myself good enough, I did not really know about the alternatives.

My wife, Cecilia, had better luck. She had me at her side after being almost 20 years Vegetarian, so at that time I did know a bit more about it. She was also hardly eating meat at all, only at times a piece of chicken, so it was no problem for her to stop at once.

If you are like me in the past, and are eating more then four times meat per week, you can stop at once if you like. You just have to be extra care full. The decision is up to you

If you would like to stop gradually, then start by changing some of your meat dishes into Vegetarian dishes by substituting the meat with “mock meat”. Those are products that taste and look like meat but are 100% Vegetarian.

About them you will find out more below. We would say that you start to substitute your “red-meat” first, this kind of meat is the most unhealthy. Try it with 2 -3 dishes in the first week, in the second week with 3 -4 dishes, the third week with 4 -5 dishes and in the fourth week with 5 7 dishes.

With “dishes” I mean the main meal that you have per day. Take it as fast or as slow as you want, never forget though that your main goal is to become a 100% Vegetarian. If that should be tomorrow, in a week, a month or a year.

It may seem overwhelming at first, and “yes” it is a big change in your lifestyle. You can be proud of your self that you are taking up this “challenge”. Many have gone through the same thing, and from them you can learn.

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