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Let me give you today, here on Healthy Vegetarian Diet, some tips on how to reduce your costs while buying organic produce.

I think we all would like to buy organic produce but many times we think, and for good reason, that that is just to expensive.

If you just go out buying, without a plan, then it can really get a problem with your budget.

At the moment of writing this article, I am living in Bolivia. I also have a tight budget. Yes I know, everything is cheaper here. Yes, true, if you have a western style salary, if you have a Bolivian salary, like my wife and myself, then things look different.

Even here in Bolivia you have to watch out with the things you buy. A lot of the produce is made with pesticides, and are cheaper to buy in certain places then others.

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While living in Munich, Germany, I had the same problem. Organic produce in general is just more expensive.

You have to decide, getting a tomato out of the supermarket, that looks like a tomato but does not taste like a tomato and is still “fine” after 3 weeks, or buying a more expensive one that actually tastes like a tomato.

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Here are some good tips that can help your budget while buying organic:

organics to buy

  1. Buy from your local Farmers Market

“They’re so much more popular than they were even just a few years ago and most towns have one during the local growing season. Even in the northern parts of the country, farmer’s markets are generally open from about April through October. You can do a search for your local farmer’s markets and check out what they offer.”

Now, the whole point behind this is that the produce is produced locally, mostly organic, not always, so ask before you buy.

The taste is better, and most of the time you will find that it is a lot cheaper to buy there then in the grocery store.

In most countries there are these kinds of markets. I know in Munich there are. You just have to find out were there are and when.

For The States, to find these local markets, this is a good website to use: LocalHarvest

  1. Choose which organics to buy

“If you can’t afford to go completely organic, then commit to buying organic versions of those foods that are most harmful when grown commercially. In the produce section, that means choosing organic whenever you’ll be eating the food with the peel or when the peel is very thin.”

It would be quite expensive to buy everything organic, so you would need to choose.

Here is a list supplied by The Environmental Working Group:

This is a list of the most harmful.

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